Xbox seeking TV producer to create 'a new category of cutting edge experiences'

Microsoft rumoured to be launching Xbox set-top box next year

Microsoft is seeking a TV producer capable of "creating a whole new category of cutting edge experiences built for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live".


According to a job ad spotted by OXM, the successful candidate will hold "substantial experience... on a number of known TV IP".

They'll also possess "substantial proven experience in managing the line production on medium to large scale broadcast shoots", "familiarity [with] the finance and business models inherent within TV production", and "experience... delivering end to end product designs (concepts, scripts, pitch materials etc)".

It was rumoured last month that Microsoft is developing a low-cost alternative to Xbox 720 designed to provide streamed access to core entertainment services. It will reportedly arrive next year in the form of a set-top box, and the technology behind it may even be incorporated into a licensed Xbox television set.

Whether that's true or not, Microsoft's job ad clearly suggests that the firm's intent on boosting the amount of in-house TV content it produces.