Zynga to axe Mafia Wars 2 after poor 14 months

Corporation's share price has collapsed by 73 per cent in single year

Beleaguered social games publisher Zynga is to close what was originally billed as one of its flagship titles just fourteen months since it launched.


The corporation's servers will close off access to Mafia Wars 2 on December 30. According to AppData metrics, the title currently draws in about 280,000 monthly active users - less than a third currently populating the game's predecessor Mafia Wars.

In a bid to generate further investor excitement, Mafia Wars 2 was released just weeks before Zynga joined onto the US stock market.

Since it went public on December 15 last year, Zynga's share price has collapsed by 73 per cent, in the wake of an extraordinary string of calamities, game closures and executive resignations.