Nintendo devotee Jonathan Ross designs iPhone game

Debut project Catcha Catcha Aliens out now

TV personality Jonathan Ross has cut his teeth in games design by co-developing an autorunner game.


The toys and gadget geek, who has presented major Nintendo press conferences in Europe, has elected to publish his debut project on Apple's iOS platform.

Ross is credited with the concept and design direction of the project, which is called Catcha Catcha Aliens.

"You'll have you jump, duck and swerve to keep up with the large array of the less-than-friendly creatures you've been hired to take care of," reads the game's blurb.

It is not known if Ross still has a business relationship with Nintendo.

During E3 he wrote an editorial for the Guardian that joked: "Seeing as Nintendo are paying for my hotel they currently have the lion's share [of praise]. Which, conveniently, they have also earned, for at least showing [at E3] something if not exactly new, at least different, in their next generation home console, the Nintendo Wii U."