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The Last of Us release date: Walmart claims spring 2013, Sony calls it 'speculation'

"We haven't announced any release date," says platform holder

Major US retailer Walmart is taking reservations for upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of US and claiming that the game is set for release in spring 2013.


However, the retailer's promotional "reservation cards" for the game note that the release date "is subject to change", and Sony has responded by telling IGN: "We haven't announced any release date. Walmart is speculating."

Sony has previously confirmed that Naughty Dog's latest adventure game will release in 2013.

The development studio has also announced that its prequel comic book series, The Last of Us: American Dreams, will launch in spring 2013.

Earlier this week Sony published a teaser for an upcoming The Last of Us trailer. It promises a new story trailer on December 10, and shows a scene in which it appears that a hostage is being held and threatened by main protagonist Joel, who seems reluctant to end the person's life.