Game & Wario multiplayer mini-game shown off

Collect fruit and pretend to be an AI

Game & Wario for the Wii U will feature a collection 16 quirky mini-games, Nintendo has confirmed.


Company president Satoru Iwata showed off the WarioWare-like title during a Japanese Nintendo Direct video stream on Wednesday.

Amongst the multiplayer mini-game collection is Fruit, in which one player impersonates an AI to steal fruit while others try and sniff out the thief in a busy street.

In a more familiar, fast-paced single-player mode akin to WarioWare, 'micro games' including Balloon Fight and the nose picking game will also be returning.

Game & Wario is currently scheduled for release in 2013, we expect more of the mini-games will be shown soon.

A UK and US Nintendo Direct stream is due this afternoon.