Hawken open beta begins December 12

"Community will really have the ability to shape the game"

Meteor Entertainment has announced that free-to-play mech shooter Hawken will go into open beta on December 12.


According to its developer, Adhesive Games, the beta offers the studio the "flexibility to roll out updates in waves, and get instant player feedback that will influence the final version of the game".

"It's been a long road and I'm getting the jitter bug as we are getting near our Open Beta Event," said Khang Le, Adhesive Games' co-founder and creative director.

Co-founder and lead animator Chris Lalli added: "Open Beta is our chance to implement all the good feedback we've gotten from closed beta players on the forums, and deliver the changes the community wants to see. The community will really have the ability to shape the game and be part of its development."

The beta will be available worldwide with the exception of China, where it will be go live "soon" from publisher Kong Zhong. Those interested can sign up on the official Hawken website.

No timetable for the release of the final version of Hawken is available yet.