Halo 4: Microsoft announces global tournament with big prizes

Top prizes include appearance in next Halo game and mighty UNSC-themed Ford Raptor

Microsoft has announced plans to open a major international Halo 4 multiplayer tournament, with prizes including an appearance in the next Halo game.


Players from around the world can enter the official free-to-play tournament, called Halo Infinity Challenge, with the chance to win one of 2,800 prizes on offer.

The competition is split into two tournaments that will run simultaneously. The deathmatch based War Games is a straightforward contest of accumulating points from kills, while the co-op based Spartan Ops gives players points for each challenge they complete.

Both contests run from Monday December 17 to January 10, with a global leaderboard displaying players with the highest scores in both challenges.

On January 12, players will then split into three tiers of skill and moved into separate finalist tournaments.

  • Tier one accommodates the highest-scoring 10 per cent of players
  • Tier two accommodates the next best 30 per cent of players
  • Tier three accommodates remaining 60 per cent of players

Scores will be reset and gameplay resumes until end of play on January 19. Players will fight again for prizes such as wireless headsets, Halo apparel and various figurines, though the higher tiers tend to play for the better prizes.

On War Games, the grand prize for tier one players will be a UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck designed by 343 Industries.

Grand Prize: The Halo 4 Raptor (million gallons of petrol not included)

On Spartan Ops, the grand prize is a two minute appearance in the next Halo game produced by 343 Industries.

Some 2,800 prizes will be available in total, with weekly sub-challenges open to all. Those interested should visit

The international contest is open to all Halo 4 owners except for those who live in the US states of Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Tennessee and Vermont, or those who live in Quebec in Canada.

War Games modes and arenas will be arranged by the Halo team.

Meanwhile, Spartan Ops will go on a mid-season break starting December 10, with the Infinity Challenge tournament filling the gap.