Dead or Alive 5 Plus on Vita adds touch controls, first-person view

Tecmo admits earlier screens were not Vita shots

Publisher Tecmo has revealed the first details regarding previously teased 'appealing' new features for Dead or Alive Plus on Vita.


The recently-announced Vita version of DOA5 will add new touch controls - using both the touch screen and rear touch pad - which will allow players to control their fighters with a variety of swipes and and taps.

Turning the Vita on its side - holding the screen vertically - will also switch to a first-person view. It's unclear exactly how this will work logistically, but we speculate this will rely heavily on touch controls since the buttons won't be conveniently positioned for such a configuration.

The Vita version will also offer enhanced training tools. "New modes focused just on training offer tutorials on game basics, and a new display of advanced frame data offers over twice as much the amount of information on each move than the previous version," says Tecmo.

Vita's ad hoc and infrastructure network features also be supported.

Tecmo has also admitted that screenshots of DOA5 Plus released earlier today are, in fact, not of DOA 5 Plus, but from the console version of the game.