VIDEO: iOS shooter The Drowning promises console standards

New studio Scattered Entertainment formed of Halo, Battlefield & Far Cry developers

The Drowning is a new first-person shooter for iOS devices promising "redefining" touch screen play, and visuals that match current-gen consoles.


Targeting a release in 'early 2013', the game is in development at Scattered Entertainment, formerly ngmoco Sweden. the project is led by former Battlefield: Bad Company 2 executive producer Ben Cousins and formed of developers who've worked on core FPS games from Halo to Far Cry.

"with a mysterious, dramatic and engaging storyline, The Drowning puts players in the role of survivalist, scavenger, and action hero in a world disrupted," reads a statement from the studio.

The game is said to boast an "enormous 50 weapons at launch and many more to be released post-launch", which could define the microtransaction elements of this free-to-play title.

Controls seem a focal point for the game, promising a game that's "redefining the first-person shooter for touch devices".

The official text goes on to describe, "No more virtual sticks! Powerful controls built from the ground up for touchscreens. Tap where you want to shoot, tap where you want to walk, swipe to look and pinch to zoom."

The game will also make use of some form of asynchronous multiplayer tech, which will allow players to "cooperate together to take down powerful enemies, while not requiring that they play together at the same time".

Cousins said in a statement, "Scattered Entertainment's vision is to bring the type of deep, high-quality and immersive games normally only experienced on PC and consoles, to the convenient, powerful modern mobile device.

"The Drowning combines the play-patterns and touch-screen specific control systems expected of tablet and smartphone games with unmatched console-quality graphics, innovative skill-based gameplay and a rich, expansive fictional world."

First screenshots and a trailer are below.

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