BioShock Infinite release delayed again

Irrational Games project slips to March 26

Boston studio Irrational Games has delayed the BioShock Infinite release date once again as the project nears the end of its protracted and problematic development phase.


The highly anticipated FPS will release on March 26, one month later than expected.

"It's primarily polish and bug fixing," the game's creative director Ken Levine told IGN.

Levine admitted that delays have resulted in some fan backlash, but said the final product is more important.

"I knew I was going to take some slings and arrows about it, but I always just said 'look, at the end of the day, the slings and arrows will go away. The game will last forever," he said.

Back in May publisher Take-Two delayed the BioShock Infinite release date from October to February 26, 2013.

The game will still be released in publisher Tale Two's current financial year, though only by five days.