'I feel very sorry for FIFA players on the 'other' consoles'


On this week's mailbox we've got Phil Eaton, who e-mailed in to say some FIFA and PES players are unfairly getting short shrift because of the platform of choice.


Being a football fan, I always keep up to date with reviews of Fifa or PES. But this year I feel very sorry for Fifa players on the 'other' consoles. By this I mean the Wii, PS Vita, PSP, 3DS and PS2. As only the PS3 or 360 versions are reviewed. I imagine a lot of people make the assumption that the other versions are similar with reduced graphics or slight alterations for their console, but this is horribly wrong.

As people who purchased one of the other versions found out, they all copy and pasted last year's game with a new front cover, altered kits, and updated squads, and to make it worse EA have the brass to be charging full price for it! Maybe sites should contact EA and let them know it's just not right! Heaven knows what the poor people who paid good money for a repeat must feel!!

GM says: If we reviewed every version of FIFA individually we might as well start calling the mag FifaMaster and get Greg to do all the work. Actually that's not such a bad idea... Seriously though, as you say, there's a lot of them. When we have the chance we'll review different versions of a game, such as the console and PC versions of Max Payne 3 or Dark Souls. Perhaps it's time we started doing mini Fifa reviews for all formats?

CVG says: It is unfortunate that we're not able to review all versions of the game, but that doesn't mean we're turning a blind eye to egregious practices. We reported on the copy-and-paste job on FIFA at the time, and will continue to do so on activity such as this in the future.