Far Cry 3 'no HUD' patch incoming - Ubisoft

Developer listens to player feedback

Ubisoft has confirmed that it's working on a patch to add adjustable HUD (heads-up display) options to Far Cry 3.


The developer says this comes in response to user feedback, as CVG has witness many players complaining online of the game's cluttered user interface.

PC players have been using a configuration hack to hide the HUD, but this can cause issues with hiding essential information - issues which will not occur with Ubisoft's official HUD options.

Here's the official statement passed to Kotaku:

"Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference. The patch will also avoid issues encountered in the .dll hack that might create a mission walkthrough break (missing QTE prompts, critical information, etc;). The team is excited about how the Far Cry 3 community and fans of the game are enjoying themselves, and finding new ways to experience the Rook Islands. More news will be coming on the patch shortly..."

Ubisoft released PC patch 1.02 on Thursday, aiming to improve stability, team balancing and matchmaking, and fix issues where players fall through the world and the map editor crashes on launch.