PokÚdex for iOS app hits US, EU

Get stats for every PokÚmon for $26

The 'PokÚdex for iOS' app has arrived in the US and EU iTunes App Stores.


The PokÚdex for iOS app appears to be largely the same as the PokÚmon 3D Pro app on 3DS, allowing you to check out 3D models and detailed stats for the hundreds of PokÚmon in the main series.

The $1.99 app provides stats for PokÚmon numbered 494-647 - the Unova roster. Earlier PokÚmon from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions can be purchased in four separate packs as in-app DLC, each pack costing $5.99, resulting in a total cost of $25.95 for the complete PokÚdex.

Be warned, the app is only compatible with iOS 6. Check it out here.