Dissected: The Phantom Pain trailer - and its 21 significant Metal Gear ties

1970s dashboards, banded blue lights and cast iron proof Phantom Pain is linked to MGS: Ground Zeroes

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16. Is that Snake's sneaking suit from Peace Walker?


Another figure emerges from the flames wearing, what looks like, Snake's sneaking suit from MGS Peace Walker. It could be Snake/Big Boss, but the flames suggest it is a vision. Over expose the image, and the face looks more like a mask, with some spiky protrusions - is it another Psycho Mantis manifestation of your inner turmoil?

17. The soldiers suits say 'Combat Body Armour', just like they do in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes


This is the cast-iron proof that both trailers exist in the same universe. The Phantom Pain soldiers' with masks have 'Combat Body Armour' written on their suits, just like the guards who sit in the chopper with the burnt man in MGS Ground Zeroes.

18. That's Volgin in the flames, except...


That's Volgin from MGS3 - the rubber suit with its orange leg bands is unmistakable - but he's also wearing some kind of mask, with glowing eyes. Just like previous apparitions.

19. The character on the flaming horse is...


Once again, if we overexpose the image, the shrouded character wears a mask - with a central circle, sunken eyes and protrusions; like a gas mask. The person's identity is unclear, but the horse could belong to the Boss from MGS3. The character is either holding reigns, or a lasso, with some speculating it's the Sorrow from MGS3. We're unsure, but the mask theme can't be ignored.

20. Is the horse statue outside the hospital significant?


Ramp up the exposure, and the horse statue looks similar to the statue of Saladin in Kerak, Jordan. It might be mere similarity, but if correct it's unlikely to be there by accident.

21. Big Boss is wearing a harness that looks familiar


Now, who else wears a harness like that? Take a look at the image below - if you can take your eyes away from the gas mask. Big Boss might just be wearing a harness for his prosthetic arm, but the similarity is uncanny.

Phantom pain is often associated with the loss of a limb, and if Psycho Mantis harness is attached to Big Boss' lost limb, well... before we all go mad, it *could* just be a harness.

So what does it all mean? I'll combine all the evidence into a master theory - or theories - in an upcoming article. Despite all the evidence, a lot is open to interpretation, and I'd love to hear your theories below.

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