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Hands-on with Dead Space 3: Survival teamwork and swearing at Kinect

Why the blockbuster horror will have us shouting and screaming more than ever

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Kinect isn't the only headline act of our latest Dead Space 3 demo. The discovery that Carver is just as insane as Isaac and the manner in which the insanity materialises in-game is a doozy. From time to time one character or the other will see things only they can see - and sometimes fight enemies known only to them.



So when your partner starts acting odd and wonders why you're not reacting to the monsters flooding into the room you know that one of you is going mental. You just don't know which one. We've given up on the dream of Eternal Darkness 2, but we're hoping Dead Space 3's co-op goes some way towards filling that void.

In one section, we had to climb up, while necromorphs attack from all angles...

Rappelling is another new feature to Dead Space 3, and one that takes us back to the wall-walking of the first game. Tau Volantis is a mountainous planet and Isaac and Carver will have to rappel up and down cliff faces to push on forward, often while necromorphs attack from awkward angles. In the demo we played we had to climb up one such drop while dodging alien projectiles and rocks: holding down the sprint button to swing across a huge crack in the middle of the cliff when we started to run out of horizontal dodging space, all while holding up on the analogue stick to keep our vertical progress in motion.

Our short demo is packed with action: potentially too much action if you prefer the ominous, creaking corridors of the USG Ishimura over the crowded monster-disco hallways of 2's Sprawl. But the fights are universally great with custom weapon kits ticking all the right boxes and co-op character interplay offering something new.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as having your friend stasis a necromorph that's an inch away from slicing off your jaw with its scythe arms. Well, perhaps except for dismembering it afterwards in revenge. And now if you do so while unleashing a torrent of swears, who knows? Maybe you'll be treated to an extra-special kill sequence. In 1992 Mortal Kombat gave us the Fatality - twenty-one years later, Dead Space is delivering the Sweartality.

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