The choice is yours: New car or entire North American SNES collection

A collector is selling a complete collection of every SNES game released in North America. That's 721 games for the low price of US$24,999.


That kind of cash could buy you a new car, or it could be a nice deposit on a house. But who wants any of that when you could use that money and buy every single SNES game ever released in North America?

The collector, known as Kaisetsuna on eBay, has spent three years tracking down every single game in order to make clean dumps for his Bsnes emulator. He is now selling the collection with the hopes of using the profits to do the same for the Japanese and European sets.

The seller guarantees that all of the games come in their original box, all work perfectly and 85% come with manuals.

The asking price is US$24,999. Serious offers are accepted, however so far Kaisetsuna has received everything from $0.01 to $20,000. No one seems willing to add that extra $5,000 to pay the asking price.

Kaisetsuna told Polygon that "If I cannot get $20,000 I will not fully recoup my own investment, and I can't afford to lose money...I will most likely wait indefinitely. The SNES game prices have continued to rise steadily over the past several years. It will eventually sell, I am confident in that."

The price may seem steep, but it works out to about $35 a game, and considering many of the rarer titles in that collection sell quite easily for $300 alone, Kaisetsuna isn't really asking all that much.