PES 2013 patch out December 20 - details

Extension of 2v2 mode, balancing and aesthetic improvements

Konami has revealed details about a new PES 2013 patch set for release next Thursday, December 20.


PES team leader Jon Murphy says the key feature of patch 1.03 "is a full extension of the 2v2 mode, which was highest on the fans' wish list".

"While there was an acceptable 2v2 mode in the game, the team has worked to improve core elements to make it even more intuitive and to make it closer to the single-player experience, with better player switching."

Murphy goes on to say: "The overall balance of the game has also been addressed, and we've also taken the opportunity to make a few aesthetic improvements here and there, with the movement of players now enhanced and a number of new goal celebrations added.

"We've also rectified a couple of small issues with MLO and some of the Online Modes in line with requests from the fan base."

We said in our PES 2013 review: "Tweaked in all the right places, 2013 is the finest PES of the generation, delightfully recreating the ebb and flow of the modern game."