Windows Store now accepting PEGI 18 games

First titles include The Witcher and Grand Theft Auto 4

Microsoft has begun accepting PEGI 18-rated games on the Windows Store.


The company said in early October that it wouldn't sell 18-rated games through the Windows Store in Europe, although it later reversed its stance, citing a ratings policy mix-up.

In a blog post on the subject, Ted Dworkin, director of program management for Windows Store, said this week:

"In welcoming PEGI 18 games into the Store, we again reinforce two principles-flexibility and confidence-fundamental to the Windows Store.

"We recognize that people have come to expect and appreciate rich gaming experiences on Windows and this includes games rated PEGI 18. We also want to ensure that every customer using the Store can browse and acquire apps with confidence.

"Through its integration with Microsoft Family Safety, the Windows Store allows parents to be in control of the kinds of apps their children can install. For this reason, even with the introduction of content intended for a more mature audience, the Store continues to be a safe and positive place for children to explore.

"We're excited to be partnering with game publishers to bring great desktop game titles to Windows 8-including The Witcher, by CD Projekt, and Grand Theft Auto IV, by Take Two-with more games coming soon."