Darksiders 2 for £12 and 2012's other underrated game bargains

2012's overlooked games conveniently tend to be 2012's bargain games, almost as if the two elements are linked.

We've been through the deals out there with a fine-toothed deal-hunting comb to find you seven of the year's best games you can get for £10 - or thereabouts.

Soul Calibur 5

Price: £9.95, Zavvi


Street Fighter X Tekken, Virtua Fighter 5, Dead Or Alive 5 - plenty of fun brawlers came out this year, but so many of them clogged up the release schedule that perfectly solid games like Soul Calibur 5 managed to get lost in the mix. Obviously that's a bad thing - but at the same time it's a good one. Why? Because it means the price crashed to the level that we're allowed to call it 'budget' without stretching the truth.

But why should you bother with Soul Calibur 5? Because it's an enjoyable and fairly deep fighting game with enough silliness in its create-a-character mode to keep you chuckling along for months. While single-player leaves a lot to be desired (and it does hurt, what with the Soul series having such an excellent history of SP modes), playing Soul Calibur 5 with mates is one of those joys only games with truly solid foundations can bring.

The Darkness 2

Price: £9.99, The Game Collection


The Darkness 2 was ripped from the loving embrace of Starbreeze, had its gritty, atmospheric graphical style thrown unceremoniously in the nearest bin and was thrust into the hands of new developer Digital Extremes. They proceeded to make it look... different... and talk about nonsense like 'quad-wielding' and other ridiculous buzzword-heavy hype twaddle. It's little wonder fans of the original turned away in disgust and the game was forgotten pretty much the week it was released.

Except - and here's the dirty little secret - The Darkness 2 is really good fun. It's not perfect and has lost a lot of what made the original so great, but at the same time it has more than enough of its own making to keep you playing through its six-or-so hours of campaign. And do you know what else? Quad-wielding turned out to not just be hype, it's actually an intuitive, interesting and - most importantly - a fun system to play about with. And all this without even mentioning ripping people limb from limb.

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