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Darksiders 2 for £12 and 2012's other underrated game bargains

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Darksiders 2

Price: £11.86, ShopTo


If we were measuring these bargains by the sheer wealth of content offered per pound, Darksiders 2 would run away so far from the the rest of the pack that they'd all instantly retire from this metaphorical race. It's a massive game.

Just as the first Darksiders did, the sequel mixes together elements derived from numerous other series': Zelda, God Of War, Soul Reaver, Portal, Shadow Of The Colossus and many more. Instead of ending up as some hideous chimera that can't do anything right, it's an endearing, engaging and exciting action-RPG. And it is, as we may have mentioned, absolutely massive - it will eat up months if you let it.

Though, ignoring all of the above, there is one clear, the defining reason to purchase Darksiders 2 at any price: Michael Wincott voices Death, and Michael Wincott has the greatest voice this side of Brian Blessed.

Sleeping Dogs

Price: £14.86, ShopTo


For a game that was attempted to be euthanised by its former publishers before being rescued from the pound and given a new lease of life in a loving, stable homestead, Sleeping Dogs is surprisingly good. You might expect something with such a long period of development, and dropped by the biggest publisher in the world, to be a piece of half-baked cack, but United Front's game strikes engaging, atmospheric and and enjoyable middle ground between Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto.

Don't overlook the fact that you're getting an absolutely huge sandbox game for just shy of 15 quid. The Hong Kong of Sleeping Dogs is often romp-worthy, always interesting and inhabited by only a few quirky but occasionally irritating NPCs, like the guy who is always - ALWAYS - trying to make you eat his 'pork buns'. Which probably isn't a euphemism.

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