Molyneux's Godus Kickstarter: prototype video released

Developer has three days to raise £90k to get project off the ground

Peter Molyneux's new studio 22Cans has released a prototype video for the firm's Kickstarter project Godus.


22Cans says the prototype was created in just under two weeks as a proof of concept for the title, which is pitched as an "innovative reinvention of Populous" and the god game genre.

It demonstrates the main game mechanics as players sculpt lands to increase their number of followers, grow in power and attempt to create a vast civilisation, which inevitably clashes with others.

22Cans has said it aims to release the game "in less than a year" on PC, Mac and mobile devices, but it's unclear if the project will even get off the ground - the studio faces a nervous few days as it looks to secure the backing it needs.

At the time of writing, 11,725 backers have pledged £363,519 of the project's £450,000 goal, which needs to be met by 12:50pm EST this Friday, December 21.