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Rome 2 Total War dev diary: recreating the Battle of Carthage

Covers new map and combined naval and land battle features

Sega has released a new Rome 2: Total War developer diary focusing on The Creative Assembly's efforts to recreate the Battle of Carthage in the game.


The video gives developer insight into the tactical map and the title's new combined naval and land battle features.

It also reveals that the next dev diary will focus on the forests of Germania and Gaul while taking a look at barbarians.

Joining the Roman faction, Carthage was announced as the second playable faction in the game last week.

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In October it was reported that the Rome 2: Total War release date had been set for October 2013, although Sega's officially announced launch window for the game is simply late next year.

CVG visited Creative Assembly in June for an exclusive first look at the sequel, and you can read every detail in our Rome 2: Total War preview and our Rome 2: Total War interview with lead designer James Russell.