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Drakensang: Free starter pack for CVG readers

Enjoy a head start on Drakensang's new Xmas expansion

Drakensang, the free browser-based action RPG has launched a new expansion for players over the Christmas season and we've teamed up with publisher Bigpoint to offer CVG readers one of 100 starter packs to get you going in the game.

Drakensang invites you to sign up as one of three character classes Spellweaver, Dragonknight or Ranger in a free-to-play world.

1) It's easy to claim your free starter pack simply head on over to the Drakensang site,

2) enter the unique code: CVGDragon when signing up or signing into the game into the Voucher section.

3) These free goodies will be yours: Make it quick though as it's first come first served!

CVG Dragon Starter Pack

1x Fruit of insight
20x Simple health elixir
200x Crystal of truth
1x Flawed ruby
Alan's heroic armor (warrior)
Alan's mystical armor (mage)
Alan's jerkin of stealth (ranger)
2x Spirit guard

Drakensang's newest expansion will also offer you new adventure areas to explore. Here's the details on happenings over Xmas in the world of Dracania...

"The unthinkable is coming to pass in Dracania. On the precipice of the end of the world, an island of death and obscurity has risen from the flows of forgotten waters.

"Set off on a journey to the Sea of Shadows with fearless captain Anne Reed on her Phantom Ship.Aid Ammon the Worldly Wanderer in his quest to uncover the dark machinations of the Mortis, the god of death. Locate the clairvoyant Cassiara and solve the mystery of the birth of the dragon.

"Defeat evil souls in the parallel world and do battle with the lord of the dead. Vanquish the servants of the harbinger of doom and gain passage in to the Great Halls of Death. Your quest is simple - stop Mortis and his Skeledragon from enslaving the realm of the living!"