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You're the reviewer: 2012 Edition

VOTE: Which title deserves your game of the year award?

Mass Effect 3

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2012 has proved to be an impressively diverse 12 months for video games and now that we've showed your our best games of 2012, it's time for you to vote for yours...

In You're the Reviewer we've been asking you to stick your own score on the key releases of the year and, if you fancy it, leave a few thoughts in the comments. Our list is based on the highest rated titles of the year, but if you feel we've missed your favourite please get in touch.

The idea is to switch the dynamic and encourage debate - so let us know what you enjoyed playing this year in the comments below.

If there's a game you'd rather not vote for you can simply click the image to skip it, or scroll down and hit the 'Next page' button.


  • 7.5 

    1: Far Cry 3

  • 7.1 

    2: The Walking Dead

  • 7.1 

    3: Dishonored

  • 7.0 

    4: Borderlands 2

  • 6.8 

    5: Assassin's Creed 3

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