Godus Kickstarter closes at £526,563

Falls short of Ouya support, five of six stretch goals met in final two days

Peter Molyneux's Godus Kickstarter fund closed today at £526,563.


The funding goal of £450,000 was reached on Wednesday, December 19, when developer 22Cans announced a series of stretch goals - addition features promised for funds attained beyond the original target.

The £526k pledged hit five of the six stretch goals stipulated, falling just short of the Ouya support promised at the £550k mark.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Godus," said Molyneux. "Our job is now to work on and complete Godus, the game we've fallen in love with, and to make it the game you want to play."

With Godus, Molyneux has promised an "innovative reinvention of Populous".

The Kickstarter page says, "Godus blends the power, growth and scope of Populous with the detailed construction and multiplayer excitement of Dungeon Keeper and the intuitive interface and technical innovation of Black & White. The original Populous hailed from the 8-bit era but Godus will use the most modern technology the world has to offer."