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Sony's 3D headset and 10 other extravagant gaming peripherals

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 Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer


Remember 3D console gaming? That was last year's future fad, no? Well, for some of us, though we have to say it quietly in the office, we still quite like stereoscopic 3D games on our PS3 or PC. And there are two decent ways of getting the content straight into your eyeballs. Firstly, you could bag yourself one of Sony's PlayStation-branded 24-inch 3D monitors, which are now a mere £350 on Amazon.

Or, even better, if you are some kind of social deviant and wish to remove yourself entirely from all forms of human contact, you could even blow £650 on Sony's HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D display. An iconic piece of gaming hardware from 2011's 3D future that never actually came to pass...

8. Wii U Pro controller


Got yourself a Wii U? Bored of the touchscreen controller already? Wish Nintendo would hurry up and make proper Mario and Zelda and Metroid games for the console? Well, we cannot help you with your second wish, but you can easily invest in a Wii U Pro controller if you want to return to that comforting familiarity of having a thumb-controlled Xbox 360-style gamepad in your sweaty mitts.

To be fair, we really like the touchscreen GamePad, but it is only really going to work well for a small subset of current Wii U games, so a £32 Wii U Pro controller is pretty much an essential buy for anybody that's grabbing a Wii U this Christmas.

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