Sony's 3D headset and 10 other extravagant gaming peripherals

It's Christmas. Which, for hardcore gamers, means one thing; Taking all those rubbish presents back to Marks and Spencers to cash them in for gaming gadgets and obscenely extravagant peripherals.

So without any further ado, here are my choice picks of the top ten bits of tasty tech that you'll want to blow your returned-gift cash on this year...

1. The iPad mini 64GB


Got a spare £529 to spend on Apple's best iPad yet? If so, forget about the bottom-of-range £269 16GB Wi-Fi only option and go for the top-of-range 3G/4G-compatible model, with a whole 64GB of memory to fill chock-full of the best free, freemium and paid-for games on offer on the app store.

There are over 275,000 iPad-friendly apps to choose from (all of which are fully compatible with the iPad mini), which should keep you busy at least through till February. Admittedly, most of them are a bit rubbish, though if you take some time scouring our "Best iPad games" coverage, you'll not go far wrong.

2. ION's iCade arcade cabinet for iPad


Okay, this is hardly a "new" thing, we know. But if you happen to have a spare old iPad 2 kicking about then this is perhaps the best way of re-purposing it. So you can forget about giving it to your mum or girlfriend. Plus, it's only £50 on Amazon. Bargain.

The real clincher here is the fact that Atari's Bluetooth-enabled classics range for the iPad is fully compatible with the ION cabinet and, aside from being incredibly hard to play (remember that?) it is a beautiful experience for retro-gaming fans and nostalgia freaks "of a certain age".

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