DmC: Devil May Cry review - 89% in GamesMaster

First review calls reboot "Bold, brutal and utterly brilliant"

Ninja Theory's DmC is the first blockbuster of year and, if GamesMaster's review is any indication, 2013 is off to a strong start.


In its four-page review GM describes the game as a "bold, brutal and utterly brilliant re-imagining of the series that practically defined the hack-'n'-slash genre."

The decision to rip out the gothic roots in favour of a modern setting earns praise from the mag: "Nowadays we like our action men grounded and dirty, our worlds raw, bleak and violent, and Ninja Theory have drenched DmC in this ultra-current vision to dazzling effect."

Players willing to hold fire long enough to inspect the demons will find each demon is "a brilliantly designed mash of gnarled limbs and grotesque features that not only look fantastic, but have been expertly moulded to fit DmC's urban aesthetic," it adds.

Combat, which GM says has "barely changed since 2001", is still focused on "nailing increasingly ludicrous combos, juggling enemies through a mixture of sword and gunplay, and figuring out what demons need smacking with what weapon".

Boss battles aren't received with as much enthusiasm however: "DmC falls flat when it comes to boss battles that are at total odds with the forward thinking design of the rest of the game.

"You know the sort - learn this attack pattern! Dodge this area attack! - you've fought them all a hundred times before in a hundred different hack'n'slash titles, and, sadly, there's nothing here that's nearly as memorable as duking it out with Phantom and Vergil from the 2001 original."

"DmC remains a stunning action title," finishes the review. "A visual feat, and a brave move in a new direction for the series."

For the full review, along with an exclusive God of War: Ascension hands-on and a review of Ni No Kuni, order GamesMaster issue 260 here.

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