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Pikmin 3 will bring the 'stress' back to Pikmin

Will hark back to Pikmin 1, says creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Pikmin 3 will go back to the series' 'stressful' roots when it arrives on Wii U, says its creator Shigeru Miyamoto.


"First of all by looking at Pikmin 1 we noticed that it wasn't a very easy game for people to play, and from time to time they had to feel some stress," said Miyamoto to GamesMaster (via ONM), noting that the second game in the series aimed to be a tad more welcoming.

"Our main aim in Pikmin 2 was to get rid of any stress as much as possible, so that it would be very user-friendly. Well, I myself couldn't agree with that direction perfectly," admitted Miyamoto. "That kind of nature of Pikmin 1 was exactly what I wanted to reproduce and I was actually intentionally doing so, so that Pikmin 1 could be a strategic game.

"When we started creating Pikmin 3 I gathered the main members who worked on Pikmin 2 and talked about how I thought it was important to get back to the basics of Pikmin 1. Or I should say that half of my job at that time wasn't just to talk, but rather to persuade them to understand what I intended to do and to agree to my idea."

The highly anticipated strategy game has been delayed until the second quarter of the 2013 calendar year, Nintendo confirmed in December.

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