Zynga shuts down 11 games ahead of confirmed Japan studio closure

Zynga Japan to close its doors on January 31

Zynga has confirmed the closure of 11 games as part of ongoing efforts to cut costs at the struggling social games firm.


Zynga announced that it would be shutting down 13 of its games - along with a 5 per cent cut in staff numbers and the closure of the Boston studio - back in October.

11 of those games have now been officially named, including PetVille, and Mafia Wars 2.

The company has also confirmed the closure of its Japan-based studio on January 31. However, support for Zynga Japan's 'Yin Ayakashi record' will continue indefinitely.

Here's the list of games affected (thanks Tech Crunch), which have either been closed or withdrawn from the App Store, or no longer accepting sign-ups from new players pending imminent closure.

PetVille - Shut down December 30th
Mafia Wars 2 - Shut down December 30th
FishVille - Shut down December 5th
Vampire Wars - Shut down December 5th
Treasure Isle - Shut down December 5th
Indiana Jones Adventure World - Closed to new players, shuts down January 14th
Mafia Wars Shakedown - Pulled from app stores
Forestville - Pulled from app stores
Montopia - Shut down December 21st
Mojitomo - Pulled from app stores
Word Scramble Challenge - Pulled from app stores