Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter fully funded

Project still has 38 hours remaining; dev encourages funders to stretch goals

Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter has been fully funded.


A total of 21,697 people have backed the project, which has raised £1,280,521 - far in excess of the original £1,250,000 goal.

Although the dev hasn't published an update responding to the successful funding, Frontier has asked those interested to continue contributing to the project to stretch goals to allow additional features.

"We recently announced the first stretch goal and that was to release a Mac version of the game within 3 months of the initial Windows launch if the project reached £1.4 million," reads the last project update.

"Today we're adding a more modest stretch goal, but one all players can benefit from, more playable ships. Early in the project we revealed there would be 15 playable ships in game, if we reach £1.5 million with the Kickstarter then we'll add another ten playable ships to the game."

Late last year Frontier released the first developer diary focusing on the multiplayer in Elite: Dangerous.

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