Angry Birds series downloaded 30 million times on Christmas week

Over 8 million downloads on Christmas day alone

Angry Birds developer Rovio has said its hit bird-flinging series racked up around 30 million downloads over the Christmas week.


That's a grand total figure covering all Angry Birds games on both iOS and Android devices - smartphones and tablets - during the week December 22-29.

The firm doesn't offer a breakdown of the figures by game or platform, but it did say that over 8 million downloads were made on Christmas day alone.

Rovio notes that this equates to roughly one Angry Birds download for for every other new device activated this Christmas day - which is reported to have hit the 17.4 million mark. It also says that Angry Birds Star Wars has held the number-one position on the US iPhone chart ever since its release on November 8, 2012.

"It's been an amazing year and we can't thank our fans enough for their fantastic support," said the developer. "Stay tuned in 2013 for even more incredible surprises!" it teases.