Square Enix's Luminous tech will be in-house only

No plans to license next-gen engine

Square Enix CEO Mike Fischer has confirmed Luminous Engine will be in-house only, ruling out licensing the next-gen engine to third-parties.


Speaking with Shack News, Fischer confirmed the engine's exclusivity, though external studios with publishing deals with Square Enix will have access to the technology.

"This is an in-house tool. We're not building this around a licensing model," he said, explaining that he hopes the promise of the new engine will encourage talent to pursue work with the company.

Fischer also confirmed there are no plans to use Luminous for other, non-game projects, though he hasn't ruled it out.

Square Enix unveiled the Luminous Engine at E3 2012. New footage from the engine - which will power a new Final Fantasy game - emerged last month.