Hackers attack War Z servers

Zombie MMO under siege amid salesmanship scandal

Controversial PC game The War Z has become the subject of various server attacks from hackers, a representative from the studio has said.


In the wake of a scandal regarding the premature sale of The War Z, it appears the game has become the target of various forms of malicious attempts to shut it down, including DDoS attacks.

At the time of going to press, the game's online service remains operational.

The extraordinary calamity of The War Z launch has forced the game's producer, Sergey Titov, to apologise publicly for some of his personal actions.

A markedly incomplete version of War Z was thrown onto Valve's Steam portal in December and triggered outcry from buyers. At the time, developer Hammerpoint Interactive refused to acknowledge allegations that it falsely advertised the survival horror MMO.

As complaints flooded in, Valve removed the title from Steam and offered refunds to customers who purchased the game.

Finding itself increasingly engulfed by further accusations, Hammerpoint was also alleged to have borrowed art assets as well as unfairly charged players for certain in-game features. It also discovered that The War Z trademark had been refused.

While not openly discussing specific allegations, Titov has apologised for not properly engaging with his customers.

In a new year's message, he said: "I need to admit that we failed to effectively communicate some of our plans and actions to both our existing players and to our new prospective players.

"This failure to communicate resulted in some very negative feedback from some members of our community, but while it might be easy to label them as 'haters' or some other dismissive term, in all honesty this is my fault."