Activision pulls Bond games from Steam

007 licensed titles also vanish from Activision's web store

Activision's James Bond games are no longer available on Valve's Steam platform or the Activision web-store, it has emerged.


Games such as Quantum of Solace, 007 Legends and Blood Stone are no longer available to buy through the digital stores, prompting suspicions that the partnership between Activision and Bond's right holders has ceased.

Activision picked up the James Bond licence from EA in 2006, and signed a deal to hold it until 2014.

CVG has contacted Activision for clarification.

Eurocom, developer of 007: Legends, the last Bond game to be released, entered administration in December 2012. The studio produced three Bond games in total, which have each fostered a mixed critical reception.

Following the success of Skyfall, work on a new Bond film has reportedly already begun.

In the event that Activision has relinquished the license, it is likely that gatekeepers Sony and MGM will seek out a new studio to develop future titles.