CES 2013 preview: Ultra HDTVs, bendy screens and more

All the announcements you should expect in Las Vegas next week

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In the stats department, Tech Radar reports that the Tegra 4 could fit four new Cortex A15 ARM chips, with average speeds of 1.8GHz increasing to 2.0GHz by the end of the year.

CES 2013 will likely see an Android or Windows 8 tablet announced for journalists to test out the new chip.

Samsung's 'unprecedented' TV design


Samsung is set to drop a television surprise in Las Vegas next week - and thankfully it looks like it's not just last year's model with different plastic.

The company is teasing "true innovation of TV design" on its Samsung Tomorrow blog, with promise of "an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design."

As you can see by the image above, the television in question is suggested to sport a portrait-style design and a fully translucent screen.

Those features would undoubtedly present a difficult sell to consumers, so we'll have to wait for the actual show to kick off before we have a full understanding of Samsung's plans.

The Galaxy S4


Yet another rumour from CES's largest real estate holder involves Samsung's Galaxy S4, which will almost certainly be unveiled in Vegas.

The new handset is said to feature an energy efficient AMOLED display and screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 set at a staggering 441 ppi.

The handset is also likely to feature the Exynos 5440 quad-core processor, based on the dual-core version found in the Korean-made Google Nexus 10 tablet.

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