Around the Network - first blood 2013 edition

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...and 3-2-1 we're back! Did you miss us? Probably not, amidst the guzzling of Xmas goodies and the playing of Xmas games, but 2013 is here now and we're here with the first edition of Around The Network for your linking pleasure. It may be early in the year, but we've already found some intriguing headlines from the world of games and tech and so without further ado, here's your first hit of the New Year. Enjoy!

Games Radar

New Games 2013
Best NES Games

Official Nintendo Magazine

http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/43897/best-wii-u-games/"> Best Wii U games ever
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Official PlayStation Magazine

Everything on PlayStation in 2013 - get up to speed with this year's games
Black Ops 2 Zombie tips from producer Reza Elghazi

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Is Redguard the next Skyrim DLC pack, or a new Elder Scrolls game?
Seven problems we don't need a next gen Xbox to fix

Tesco Tech

Top tech trends for 2013
2013 rumour round-up


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