Ninja Theory warns of 'fake' DmC reviews

First genuine Devil May Cry review suggests positive reception

Cambridge studio Ninja Theory has warned consumers of being misled by fake reviews of the upcoming DmC Devil May Cry.


In a message posted on the Ninja Theory Twitter page, a representative for the studio wrote: "Happy that no genuine review has been under 89% so far".

Later the person said they were referring to "some reviews where the writer hasn't received review code and not even played the game".

The message went on: "Genuine review = one where the reviewer has actually played the game. Sometimes people make up reviews without actually playing the game."

Ninja Theory and the latest DmC game have been subjected to a sustained hate-mail campaign for changing the appearance of series protagonist Dante. The vitriol among fans is perhaps the motivation for some of the fake reviews of the game posted online.

It had also been rumoured that the title has leaked online, though studio co-founder Tameem Antoniades has said: "Refuting misinformation on DmC could be a full-time job. Yes leak is BS."

He added: "Dear followers. Online reviews shall arrive closer to release. Online reviews that appear now have not had review code. Don't be duped."

The first genuine DMC review score was an 89% in GamesMaster.