Pokémon X and Y revealed for 3DS - trailer

First ever 3D instalments to release worldwide in October

Nintendo has confirmed the next pair of games in its long-running Pokémon franchise will be Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, which are being developed specifically for 3DS.

The titles were revealed by company president Satoru Iwata during a special Pokémon Nintendo Direct event this morning.

The two games will be the first core Pokémon titles to feature full 3D gameplay.

A brief reveal trailer, which you can watch below, showed three new starter Pokémon: Chespin, a leaf type; Fennekin, a fire type; and Froakie, a water type, and a "breathtaking 3D world".

Pokémon X and Y will also be the first Pokémon games to receive a simultaneous worldwide launch; they'll be available in Japan, Europe and North America in October 2013.

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