Portable edition of Hawken set for Nvidia's Project Shield

Handheld version of the shooter in the early stages of development

Los Angeles indie studio Adhesive Games is developing a Project Shield version of its mech shooter Hawken, platform holder Nvidia has confirmed.


The online free-to-play game is in essence a PC exclusive, yet Adhesive has also been working on a portable version for the past few weeks, according to Kotaku.

Nvidia's Project Shield was revealed earlier this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The system is said to use an 'open' Android-based games platform powered by the new Tegra 4 chip.

As well as playing games downloaded directly from Google's Android games store, Shield can also stream titles from PC, meaning that games on platforms such as Steam can theoretically be accessed anywhere in the home.

The design of the hardware appears to be similar to the original Xbox, with its deep black case and hard edges. Project Shield images can be found here.