Apple bans Syrian uprising game from App Store

UK studio must edit content to stand chance of publication

Apple has denied a developer the chance to publish a game based on the Syrian Civil War due to its political content.


UK Studio Auroch Digital said that Endgame: Syria will need to undergo changes in order for Apple to approve it.

The developer specifically claims that Apple prohibited publication based on App Store guidelines for games that "solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity".

Game designer Tomas Rawlings said the studio will make certain amendments to Endgame: Syria - which is already available on Android - and resubmit it to Apple.

"We had hoped that Apple would be more nuanced in how they applied this rule but we got a bit worried when it had been in submission for around two weeks without a decision," read a statement from Rawlings.

"We then figured that because of the controversy of using the gaming medium to cover an ongoing war meant passing the game had become an issue for them."

Rawlings said that for the game to stand a better chance of publication the studio will need to "strip some of the meaning and context from it".

Apple's stance on the game has triggered a debate across social media with regards to the right of free speech and the platform holder's regulation of app content.

Rawlings added: "Our aim is to use games as a format to bring news to a new audience and submission processes such as this do make it a lot harder for us. I get that Apple want to make sure really offensive titles don't pass into their store, but ours is far from that."