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New disc format for 4K content unlikely, says Sony CEO

Kaz Hirai points to digital distribution methods

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai believes its unlikely that a new disc format will be introduced to support physical distribution of super high-definition 4K content.


While vague, Sony's current 4K plans appear to focus on digital distribution methods, with Hirai comparing potential 4K services to its current Video Unlimited streaming platform.

Despite concerns over how current home internet connection speeds will cope with the high data demands of 4K content, Hirai says a physical distribution alternative is possible, but unlikely.

"I don't see that as being physical media," said Hirai at the currently-underway CES expo in Vegas.

According to The Verge, Sony and its Blu-ray partner Panasonic are in discussions over the possibility of a higher capacity Blu-ray disc large enough to store 4K movies, but there are yet to be official negations for a 4K industry standard.

"I think as the industry evolves 4K, [it] might decide that a disc format might be something that the consumers are looking for," said Hirai, "but at this point, before we get into that sort of format, we're looking for distribution through the network."

Sony used its CES 2013 address to unveil a world-first 4K OLED TV with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160.