Gabe Newell confirms Valve will sell its own Steam Box

More than Project Piston incoming

In an interview at CES, Gabe Newell has spoken at length about Steam Box, confirming that Valve will release its own hardware separate to Project Piston.


Speaking to The Verge, Newell said that Valve intends to release its own Steam Box - codenamed Bigfoot - separate to Project Piston, and that the company is open to working with more third parties.

Newell said Valve isn't interested in imposing restrictions on how people get involved with their properties - including Steam and Big Picture Mode - emphasising that "a thing that's quiet and focuses on high performance" and "appropriate form factors" is the internal goal for Valve.

"We'll come out with our own and we'll sell it to consumers by ourselves," Newell said. He continued to say that while Linux will be pre-installed, users can install Windows if they wish. "We're not going to make it hard. This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination."

Later, Newell said the Steam Box will double as a home entertainment server capable of servicing several PC monitors at once. "So you could have one PC and eight televisions and eight controllers and everybody getting great performance out of it. We're used to having one monitor, or two monitors -- now we're saying let's expand that a little bit."

On the topic of controllers, Newell said the company has been researching "super boring stuff around latency and precision".

"I think you'll see controllers coming from us that use a lot of biometric data," he said. "We're a lot more excited about biometrics as an input method. Motion [controls] just seems to be a way of [thinking] of your body as a set of communication channels. Your hands, and your wrist muscles and your fingers are actually your highest bandwidth."

It's expected that Valve's own Steam Box will be shown at this year's GDC in March.