The 50 best free web browser games you can play right now

No download required - these are our favourite online games from around the internet

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11. Kingdom Rush


One of the best tower defence games on the web. Great visuals, and a small, focused selection of units keeps things tight and balanced.
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12. Axon


This surreal puzzle game sees you trying to create a long chain of neurons. The sound one this one is great, so turn your speakers up.

13. The I of It


The voiceover is a bit weird, but the puzzles in this game, in which you play as the letter I, are very well designed.
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14. Worm Food


Terrorise villagers as a giant, monstrous worm.
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15. Small Worlds


As you navigate the blocky world in this pixelated platformer, the world gets smaller and smaller until your character is a tiny dot.
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16. Silly Sausage


Guide a stretchy sausage dog around obstacles in this arcade puzzler. Just one of many brilliant games from the prolific Nitrome.
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17. Intruded


This 3D puzzle/platformer game sees you navigating a character around a deadly environment while being watched by eerie security cameras.
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18. New York Shark


It's a shark. In New York. Swim through the river and try and eat as many people, and destroy as much property, as possible. Like real sharks do.
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19. Toss the Turtle


The name says it all. See how far you can launch a tortoise from a cannon before the little guy lands in a bloody, battered heap.
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20. Pandemic 2


Create and name your own deadly virus, then see if you can destroy all life on Earth with it. Sinister, but madly addictive.
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