The 50 best free web browser games you can play right now

No download required - these are our favourite online games from around the internet

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31. HRmageddon


A turn-based battler with a hilarious corporate twist, HRmageddon lets you pit office workers against each other in surprisingly deep strategic combat. Fights last about 15 minutes each - perfect for a cheeky break from work.
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32. Sushi Cat


Played Peggle? This is very similar, although instead of firing boring ball-bearings down the level, you're dropping a fat, wobbly cat that loves to eat sushi. The cute art style and mad themes make it well worth a play.
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33. Alchemy


Come on, surely you've played Alchemy? In this classic puzzle game you drop coloured symbols onto a board; the challenging coming from working out where and how you place them. Seems simple, but you'll play it for hours.
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34. Tofu Hunter


Another simple game that - instead of breaking new ground, or being polished to perfection - just makes you laugh. It's a simple 'click to shoot' hunting game, but instead of animals you hunt vegan-safe Tofu beasts.
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35. Plants vs Zombies


The free version of this classic tower defence game doesn't come with all the added modes of the downloadable version (and annoyingly, you can't save), but it's still a great way to burn an hour or five online.
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36. Words With Friends


A little like Scrabble, this is all about competing against real opponents, trying to make the best, most unusual word possible. Be warned - opponents don't like to be continually crushed by your mad language skills.
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37. Forge of Empires


If it sounds like Age of Empires, well... that isn't a coincidence. This is a strategy / resource management game that places more emphasis on fighting and conquest than the superior, deeper, Settlers Online.
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38. Canabalt


The original running game is still worth a play. Your low-res man continually runs across a scrolling screen, and all you need to do is make him jump to avoid obstacles and gaps. Sounds horrendously basic; is brilliant.
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39. QWOP


Not really a game, but there is a competitive element to QWOP. Here the Q, W, O and P keys control the legs of an athlete - you manipulate them to make him run. Or rather, flop into an amusing heap, inches from the start line...

40. Bejeweled 2


The king of 'match 3' games is free online. For those who don't know (who are you?), you match three or more gems of the same kind to remove them from the board. More gems drop in, and you rinse and repeat.
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