The 50 best free web browser games you can play right now

No download required - these are our favourite online games from around the internet

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41. Coma


Thematically, Coma is a little like Limbo. You play as a boy called Pete, who wanders through a surreal dreamscape solving puzzles to find out why he's in the titular coma. It's a charming little game, without Limbo's macabre deaths.

42. Hearts


Very, very basic version of the classic card game - you can't even personalize your avatar. However, we actually prefer that naked simplicity, and surprisingly the AI opponents rarely feel as if they're cheating.
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43. Victorian BMX


Plays a little like Trials, but actually manages to be a little sillier. Here you play as the Grim Reaper, peddling a bicycle through Victorian landscapes, and pulling off some gnarly tricks. Excellent presentation and plenty of laughs.
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44. Pong


It's Pong. And although there are several variants on the classic theme, you're still just playing Pong. Either play this to relive a slice of video game history, or challenge a friend to the two player mode.

45. Desktop Tower Defense


Probably the best Tower Defense game ever. There, we said it. Here you build a maze full of towers to stop 'creeps' from getting from one side of a desk to the other. Tactically deep, fiendishly addictive.
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46. One Chance


What would you do if the world was about to end? This charming flash adventure puts you in the role of a brilliant scientist who can either try to save humanity, or just spend his last living days with his loved ones. You decide.
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47. Corporation Inc


This is a tower-building game, a little like Tiny Tower. You build offices, hire workers, maintain your equipment and expand - the aim being to make a fat profit from your corporate empire. More fun than actual work.
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48. Basketball Championship


There are loads of basketball 'free throw' games out there, many of which are just awful. This one features cats, and uses loads of irritating 'LOLcats' words, but - surprisingly - the actual free-throw gameplay is rock solid.
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49. Treadmillasaurus Rex


Bizarre concept, but fun nonetheless. Here you take control of a T-Rex, who is on a treadmill, constantly jumping to avoid spikey mines. Odd. Every couple of seconds the conditions change (the treadmill may speed up, the mines be more frequent etc) keeping you on your toes.
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50. Endless Migration


The serene look of this game hides a violent streak. You play as a bird, migrating through the busiest airspace on earth. Flying into other avians 'recruits' them to your flock - and the aim is to dodge mid-air objects and keep your flock alive as long as possible.
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