FIFA 13 Wii vs FIFA 12 Wii - The shocking truth

Have a gander at our screenshot comparison of the Wii versions of FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 and find out a horrifying secret

Picture the (slightly exaggerated) scene. Little Jimmy loves his Wii console. His dad's glad, because due to economic difficulties he's not bringing in a lot of money these days despite working 23-hour shifts down the pit every day (or something... do they even have pits any more? We dunno) and the family is struggling to make ends meet.


Jimmy's pals all have Xbox 360s and PS3s but Jimmy understands his dad can't afford to get him one, and so he's perfectly content with his Wii. Deep down he knows that the Wii versions of the games his pals play - FIFA, PES, Call Of Duty, (ahem) Dead Rising - aren't anywhere near as impressive, but he's happy to make do and he still has fun playing them.

Jimmy's dad knows his son is a generous kid, and he knows Jimmy loves FIFA more than any other Wii game he owns. Every year Jimmy's dad works overtime doing... um, 28-hour shifts down the pit every day, just so he can get a little extra money to afford the £30 it costs for the latest FIFA game each year. Jimmy's face lights up every time and to Jimmy's dad, that makes up for the 73-hour pit shifts he puts in every day.

Tomorrow FIFA 13 is out and this heartwarming yearly tradition will continue. Jimmy's dad will bring home a copy of FIFA 13 on the Wii, Jimmy's love for his hardworking father will be clearly visible and a brand new gaming adventure will begin for Jimmy. Except this year it won't.

Tomorrow what Jimmy sees will shock him. It will disgust him. It will leave a jaded expression on his face. On his hour-long breaks from the pit Jimmy's dad will notice his son doesn't have the zest for life he once did, and will ask him why. Jimmy won't want to tell his dad, because he doesn't want him to feel bad. But one night as Jimmy sleeps, his dad will sneak into his room for a cheeky game of FIFA, and he'll see it for himself. And he'll be livid.

The next day, Jimmy's dad will spend his entire Christmas bonus on an envelope and a stamp. He will spit in the envelope, seal it and write "to EA" on it (not realising that isn't enough detail to get it to its destination). What has he seen that made him so angry? Hop over to the next page to find out.

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