GTA V: Will its fully mapped ocean floor be home to a secret civilisation?

Also: subs, sharks and missions in this week's episode of GTA 5 O'Clock

Over a year ago, Dan Dawkins correctly called GTA V's major themes before anyone else, and his super-informed, scarily-accurate detective work forms the basis of CVG's new weekly show, GTA 5 O'Clock, posted every Wednesday at 5pm over on our YouTube channel.

This week, we've wheeled him out like a gaming Hannibal Lecter to talk to CVG's Tim Weaver about the latest round of screenshots. It was always going to be tough to follow the last episode, where they mapped out the entire city of Los Santos, but with just five screenshots, Dan offers insight into one of the major missions, how the underwater sections will work, and what might be buried at the bottom of the fully-mapped ocean. Yep, we're talking an ancient civilisation - and, given that it's based on an actual, real-world, university-approved research into ruins off the coast of Los Angeles, it's not as crazy as it sounds.

As well as that, they also touch upon cars, planes, stolen army vehicles... er, mermaids - and fail to remember the proper name for 'pylon'. It's pylon, obviously.

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