Joe Danger Touch: Hello Games' next trick

iGamer blog: Made-for-mobile stunt racer is a dazzling ray of sunshine on iPad or iPhone

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This iPhone and iPad release is not a port or amalgamation of the other two games, but it does share the same style of play. Just as importantly, Joe Danger Touch has the very same relentlessly cheery sensibility.

This game also stars the eponymous hero -plus a fulsome cast of other happy, gurning caricatures - who take part in a series of straight-line races along courses littered with jumps, tunnels, ramps, hazards and pick-ups.

On iOS, controlling your runaway motorcyclist is a mixture of timed taps and swipes, with a finger held to the screen to duck. You can power through the courses without a care for your score if you like, but that's not the point.

Completing a perfect run on each stage is the heart of this game. More experienced players won't truly be challenged until way into the 'Medium' flavour of courses on offer here, which require a keen eye for collectibles and an appreciation of the rhythm and timing in each run.

Often, like Rayman Jungle Run before it, I found myself attempting each stage several times to establish when and where to tap, swipe or hold my finger on screen. Then it's time for a 'hot lap' - confident that i've found the right route to that perfect run, all that's left is to perfect the timing. It becomes a challenging game, with more than enough content to justify the £1.99 outlay.

For every immaculate run you are awarded a grinning, moustachioed hexagon wearing a crown with 'pro' written on it. Better still, you get cute little tweetable gags.

FACT! Joe has never walked away from a failed stunt. Mainly he's been carried ‪#JoeDanger

FACT! Joe Danger once killed two angry birds with one stone ‪#JoeDanger

FACT! Joe tried to jump the shark, but the shark got scared ‪#JoeDanger

Close Close

Its high production values and this irrestible, knockabout comedy makes Joe Danger Touch stand apart from its App Store contemporaries. Everything and everyone in Joe Danger Touch has a toothy grin; All of the characters and courses are rendered in bold colours and dancing cacti and smiley pyramids whiz by in the background.

In Joe Danger's world, the outlook is always bright. Not only is it compelling to play, it is also a welcome ray of sunshine which will brighten up any dreary January commute. A wonderful App Store debut for small UK indie Hello Games.

Joe Danger Touch is £1.99 on the App Store and is best played on iPad. Download it here.