If Sony's 4K screen isn't crazy enough, there's always Sharp's 8K monster

Do you have all the money in the world? You still probably can't quite afford Sharp's 85-Inch 8K screen, a monster of a device that offers more image detail than a 33 mega pixel photo.


By comparison, standard 1080p high definition TVs provide about 2 mega pixel images.

Apparently, Sharp's 8K screen is so astoundingly detailed that it offers a level of depth similar to that conjured by 3D technology - at least, that was the BBC tech team's initial impressions.

Sharp is showing off its 8K screen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"If 4k is the next great thing, then you can divide your screen into four sections and run simultaneous football games in full resolution on your 8k television," said Sharp spokesman Brad Lyons, who presumably was referring to public spaces and not living rooms as depicted in Back to the Future Part II.

We'd wager that there isn't an internet cable or single disc in the world that can fill an 8K screen with data. After all, it was recently claimed that an uncompressed 4K trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man comes in at a massive 500GB.

Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai recently said that disc formats on their own may not be big enough to host 4K data.